Monday, January 5, 2009 at 3:01am
that’s just it. that’s the idea. we weave.

we are a textile, interlacing fabric that flexes, tumble-dries, breaks, warms, clothes… together. no thread is by itself, and no life stands on its own. it’s us woven together that makes happiness real, relationships a necessity, and what makes the pursuit of knowing our manufacturer an amazing experience, should the choice be to view God as the ideator and orchestrator of our threads.

but creationism metaphors aside, the fact is that we exist, and that relationships are important. no one would be born without the fabric of procreation, nor would anybody survive infancy without receiving continual nourishment. any type of family is the perfect example – we obviously need the help of other people, and those who refuse the idea will only find themselves just barely surviving. and those who make it in life, those who succeed, with or without God, indisputably owe it in large part to the people who have helped and grew with them along the way.

i’ve realized that, yes, my life is woven with other people. it’s connected into my family, into my friends, into teachers, mentors, and everyone else who cares. and when my life is struggling and going through hardships, i’ve realized that i can’t keep thinking like i’m the only one in pain. there are people worrying with and about you, stressed with and about you, not knowing what’s going on with and about you, crying with and about you. it’s shocking, comforting, surreal, and straight up wonderful to see how large your network really is, and often times it’s when we choose to open up to the threads beside you to realize the tie-dye of support that’s around you.. and in your life’s fabric there’s always someone reaching out.

sometimes opening up becomes the main issue… after all, simply wearing tie-dye takes a certain degree of security, and even hippies never travel alone. while it’s true that there are sensitive matters you can and should probably keep private, you could also find respite when you disclose and communicate to someone you trust. it’s hard, and it’s awkward sometimes, but it’s like when two pieces of static cloth cling together when they come out of a dryer — it’s weird, but kinda cool; odd, but natural.

i love my family and friends who knew what i had to go through these past few months. i love them all for loving down on me. thank you… for all your prayers, tears, hugs, time, and memories. heck, thank you to those who have lovingly pried into my life, because you knew that there was really no reason for me to be afraid of telling you anything. you weren’t afraid to ask the hard questions, and i thank you for the person it has made me into.

in the end… you can’t hate whoever’s to blame, because then you’d have to love them for how much closer they’ve made us.

see you all soon.


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