taking things for lessons.


Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 7:18am

I’ve never been an early sleeper, and it’s actually thanks to this nocturnal sleep pattern of mine that gives me the environment of quietude and serenity needed compose these notes. although their timestamps are various, they have all been written after at least one in the morning, and are posted either immediately after, or more likely the next day following a careful proofread.

many people have written notes about love recently, and i have read them all. their words are eloquent, insightful, devoid of cliché, and uncannily reflect the same disposition i have towards the subject; thus, i have no need to write another one, for there is nothing left to be said. there is only much to be done. i can’t think of a better concept to explain that than by just living life, for often we always come up with realizations.. but realizations alone are nothing without being paired with resulting actions.

it’s common to have epiphanies, revelations, and insights.. and that’s a good thing. after all, we learn much about life not when we experience it, but when we go home at the end of the day and process it. many times we assume and take for granted that an experience and its lesson(s) go hand-in-hand, when really it isn’t.. rather, we choose to make that connection, and especially more so when the experience is significant or life-changing. therefore, a clumsy waiter who always shatters glass will continue to keep doing so until he stops, thinks, pauses, reflects, concludes, and finally makes the resolution to tell himself, “hey, maybe i should try being more careful from now on.” an experience won’t change anything unless we voluntarily extract the lesson to be learned.. and the more significant it is, the less voluntary this action will seem.

if you did absolutely nothing today, and you don’t have anywhere to be, chances are you won’t be doing anything tomorrow. and this is going to keep happening until you tell yourself, “shit, this sucks, i should get a job.” if you have a nasty habit of buying too much stuff, you won’t reconsider your spending habits until you see your checking balance and think to yourself, “damnit, i need to cut back.” if you’re a complete douchebag to your girlfriend, you won’t change until you either a) realize one day that you’re an ass and ought to shape up, or b) find her one day leaving you. either way you’ll learn something.. and if its option b, then.. well, there was nothing voluntary in finding out how you should act from now on.

these examples were the first to come up into my head.. and notice how most of those situations had to deal with something negative happening. it’s sad, isn’t it.. how pretty much the primary way we learn is through loss. in fact, it was the going away of a dear mentor and friend of mine that actually sparked this note’s creation, and right now i’m sad to see him gone.. it was a separation so deep that it exposed our tendency to take things for granted. and we learn. but some of us are in such a terrible predicament that the only way to learn to be better people is to first have unfortunate circumstances happen. i mean, i like to learn and all, but if my day has to be shitty for the sake of a learning moral.. well, i’d rather read children’s books and watch reruns or “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

fortunately, i realize that life doesn’t actually have to be lived that way.. we can have good things happen to us, and we can still learn from it if we choose. but how often does that happen? not nearly enough. i don’t know about you, but if i need to be taught a lesson in humility or gratefulness, i’d much rather find it in getting an award or winning the lottery, as opposed to breaking a leg or getting robbed. we can totally make ourselves better people through positive experiences, and i’d be willing to bet that if did just that, we wouldn’t have shattered glass in the first place, we wouldn’t be wasting days away, we’d have more money to spend, and we’d still be in a relationship. bad things are still inevitable, but when they do occur, chances are it won’t seem so bad. after all, everything’s a mentality.. whether the glass is half-empty or half-full, you still have something to drink, and a glass to drink from.. consider yourself blessed.

connecting the dots does take effort.. but really it’s worth it. and it does take more effort to extract the moral in a good situation, but if we don’t do it, we miss out on the full potential of that blessing. so go out and experience life.. take in everything it has to offer with the right attitude and enjoy in its gifts. but also remember to take them home and reflect on the day’s events.

process your past to possess your future.

haha, basically.

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