comparing the costs.

the cost of something is actually what we give up to obtain it — plain economics call that the “opportunity cost.” life experiences are the same: we make certain choices, and by nature of those decisions, we sacrifice our other options. so when we make those tough calls, sometimes our minds wander and falter, and we think about what we give up. and that’s human.

we need to assess, though, the quality of the experiences that we choose to have. granted we tend to do that before we make the decision, but more often than not we idealize the choices we didn’t make the moment the path you chose becomes a little too rough for your liking. eventually as we dwell on this unmade choice, we neglect ourselves from experiencing the all the potential benefits the choice you did make has to offer. in short, you can’t put a damper on the choices you make by casting all your thoughts on the other possibilities you’re missing out on. that’s just plain negative thinking.

i guess for me, when i make choices, i like to ride out things till the end, and reflect and appreciate all i’ve been given in that time. for example, if i buy a ticket for a roller coaster ride, no doubt i’m going to stay on and ride it. sure, i will eventually realize how ridiculously scary things are going to be, but it’s not like i’m going to try and get off before we go down that huge drop.. at the end of everything, you can look back with a sense of ownership and worth and say, “wow, that was one hell of a ride.” and that experience is a beautiful thing. one should always be grateful for them.

i actually feel sorry for some people who try to hop from one roller coaster to the next.. not only is it a crazy dangerous stunt, but you’re always going to be dissatisfied since the only focus is on the thrill of things. there’s no time to reflect on what just happened; there’s a desensitization in processing the past, and there’s a greater likeliness to keep making the same mistakes as a result. what’s the point in just “seeing what happens” if all someone wants to do in the back of their mind is inevitably abandon ship? that’s the kind of fickleness i can’t stand.

we do live for the moments. so why not make them actually mean something? what you manage to make lasting is definitely something worth keeping. it is a reflection of dedication and hard work, a testimony of absolute uniqueness in a collectively indecisive world. it is a statement that says to everybody, “yes i do, in fact, have my shit together… and it’s awesome.” never mind the other costs, never mind what you gave up.. you’ll never appreciate what you have now. you can’t possibly live a life with no regrets with a mindset of trying to make the most out of everything. the world doesn’t work like that. nobody can have everything. we just have to make choices… and then — to the best of our ability — stick with them to get a fulfilling, worthwhile benefit. sure it may not be as fun or adventurous in the short run, and sure you may get screwed.. but the “what ifs” that hurt the absolute most are the ones where you had a chance to have something great.. but then chose to settle for a cheap substitute because it would be easier. we’ve all had those moments… and we realize that those kinds of costs are greater than anything else we gave up.

enjoy the ride

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