“one man’s cliché is another man’s blog.”

i guess clichés can get a little old. we’ve heard them, multiple times, to the point where they become well-established idioms in our culture… and our familiarity with what they mean makes them meaning-less. but it’s not like the truths they contain become less true the more it’s heard; if that were the case, our truths would change constantly, and so nothing would ever become a cliché. but just because there’s always some timeless unchanging message worthy of repeating regardless of excessiveness doesn’t mean that it’s any less true.. and so the redundancy is moot.

maybe we have ourselves to blame for desensitizing the messages. who else is there to blame? it’s not like clichés by their own accord chose to have themselves be repeated to exhaustion. but it just happens like that.. but hey, we’re the creative beings here. — surely we can find other ways to express things another way so that it’s more original.. and yeah, we do, and that’s fresh. but what if the sincerest and most genuine thing you could say is something they’ve happened to already hear dozens of times before? those damn clichés have an ironic way of making appearances in these kinds of moments, where it just pops into your head and it’s the perfect thing to say — only that it’s not.

i think it really is our fault, though, that we shallow familiar words and phrases to the point where we’re not convinced by them anymore. and i get it — it’s hard to keep remembering the initial impact of listening to something for the first time, and moreover, who really wants to reuse what someone else came up with centuries ago?but because we have the choice to believe in the truth of something, we have the power to validate whatever we ascribe and call “truth.” and when we do that, it can revitalize its meaning in our lives.

through the mouths of individuals who are making an honest effort, clichés like “you are beautiful” or “you are loved” shouldn’t sound empty and hollow to their recipients just because they’ve heard it before, or because those phrases have become mass-produced bumper stickers. the least you could do is say thank you, or better yet, try to determine where the heart of the message is. if anything, clichés help to determine a person’s real intent. if they’re really honest, you won’t find the heart or the implication in the actual words, but in the passion and sincerity fueling them as those words are being said to you. if they say that you’re beautiful, it’s because they fucking think so and they want you to know it. just because you fail to see what they see doesn’t mean that they don’t see it. after all, we’re the ones who assign meanings to things.. words are just arranged vowels and consonants representing ideas. and like i said before, you can choose to believe or not believe whatever ideas you want. the fact is that other people have and voice their opinions of what they feel is true, and it just so happens that we as social beings exchange these ideas with each other, and when we come into a collective agreement with a certain idea and deem it to be true, it will become cliché over time. ofcourse it’s going to lose its originality, but what it will never lose is its identity as a timeless maxim that proves its worth by how long it stays applicable to life. and guess what, the more true a cliché is, the longer around it stays in our lives. so deal. you’ll be glad to have it around.

it doesn’t mean we should stop being original and from now on just quote movie lines and the bible. we can and should exercise our intellect and be creative with how we say things. but for things that have have been around for awhile, remember that we can still find a way for it to mean just as much as more recent phrases. think outside the box if you have to, apply it to an unfamiliar situation where it was never used to describe something, or better yet just back up whatever you have to say with the confidence that you mean it.. then it won’t really matter what you say. but don’t be a douchebag and put other people down, have some respect. as a matter of fact, don’t even put yourself down. don’t do it. restore and revitalize the words yourself for the benefit of keeping life original and interesting.

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