Be Honest – Jason Mraz

An amazing and beautifully crafted song.


clip of my set.

so one of my friends streamed my set on friday through blogtv.. the picture and sound quality isn’t the best, but meh.. i didn’t even know that you could record live streams, so it was a surprise to see anyway. i had a lot of fun and got a really great response from everybody afterwards! the venue was packed and very successful. can’t wait to do something like this again!!

awesome breakdance playlist

a small compilation of songs i’ve been listening to this summer, courtesy of one of my friends from home, DJ Enjay, who’s amassed quite an impressive collection of old-school vinyls:

KC & the Sunshine Band – Sound Your Funky Horn
I Wouldn’t Change a Thing – Coke Escovedo
Dove Shack – Summertime in the LBC
Mr. Wiggles – The Spaniard
Rufus Thomas – Itch and Scratch
Tower Of Power – Only So Much Oil In The Ground
Sagaba (Remix) – Blue Scholars
Blue Scholars – Ordinary Guys
Chicago-Street Player (12″ promo)

dopeness. keep it up, brutha man.. and keep spinning.

opening the forbidden music box – best decision ever

it’s so surreal how fitting the website’s moniker really is: pandora. it really does open up the doors to no end, and i’ve been taking full advantage of it this summer. plus i can stream music from my iPhone (even over EDGE!), which is awesome.. since i don’t download music anymore i can save precious gigabytes and hours of time previously spent on illegally acquiring these gems. as a result, i’ve gotten back in touch with my old influences and starrted being exposed to other artists i would’ve never known otherwise. plus i got a lot of my brother’s hip-hop music. schwing!

this summer i decided to enter into a funk and hip-hop phase, and i really want to let the genres seep into my creativity and songwriting. here’s generally who i’ve been listening to this summer:

KC & the Sunshine Band
Tower of Power
The Roots
Method Man
Mos Def
Al Green
The White Stripes
Nate James
Curtis Mayfield