Finding Balance with Passion

So a friend asked me this in a text:

Hey bro, how are you? Was thinking of you and wondering how you balance worship and audio team, and factor in doing what you are passionate about, creative about… I know the heart of our ministry is to do what is needed by the church, curious how you balance all that…

I thought about it for a couple days, why I serve so much and so faithfully, and how I’ve found a balance with it all… so I wanted to share my response with him in hopes it helps someone else understand what I do and why I do it… The “WHY” is a big part of it and I answer the “why” below:

Hey bro, so sorry to not have responded to this until just now – work has been so crazy and I’ve been moving almost every night into the new space, but now that I have a moment I can respond!

I think at the heart of things, I’m passionate about both playing worship and mixing audio, and for me they carry equal weight in terms of the standard for excellence. For audio, I love the harmony that I can create, because I love how I am a steward of the sonic landscape of the worship that is happening on stage. To me, it’s so important that there’s no distracting barrier for someone to not engage in Worship, and in the world of audio, that means creating an excellent mix. Not only that, but being a part of the Worship team for almost 5 years now, I am mixing my friends, and each fader represents the talent of someone I love and know well. To be able to mix their excellence in with other people’s all is my greatest joy.

In music, I am passionate about designing and creating sounds and arrangements, or to put it in your words, make my content and what comes out of my instrument “usable” – I am passionate about music directing and shaping the team and leading from the backend by directing them where to go and how to play. I work toward making a seamless, distraction-free environment for a speaker, for a worship set, and for an invitation – those are so sacred, and I do my best to play in a way that matches the ebbs and flows and tones of whatever is happening on stage.

But what it comes down to is creating something that I feel makes God more attractive and more beautiful – and that it edifies the leadership who are spearheading the movement of Jesus through Mosaic. I am passionate about that and create from that posture. The goal is to find joy and meaning in whatever it is, and truth be told if I don’t have an innate passion for something, but I see that it is needed, I will serve that cause. But if I know it’s not where I’m most active, then I’ll find the person who is more passionate about it, and who can find more life from it.

Ultimately, that’s why I chose to prioritize worship over broadcast, but not until I found a team of 2-3 guys who loved doing it, and wanted to pursue it farther than I ever would desire. I stepped down from broadcast as a ministry leader because when I looked down the road at what was possible in that ministry, and what more I could do in the craft to get better, that was a road I didn’t desire to go down any farther, and what I was doing was all I ever wanted to do and no more. And because I was unwilling to step into more, I had to make room and step out of the way and find someone who wanted to go farther than that. I love music production and engineering in a studio environment, and that will never go away, and those skills translate well into a live environment, albeit it’s not a full translation. Ultimately though there was a need, and I filled it, and if called upon, I will continue to fill it. I just had to make my focus to train and train and recruit and find people, which I was blessed to find in South Pas.

In worship, more looked like raising the younger generation of youth, especially at South Pas… it’s about translating the joy of discovery through hard work and practice that develops the discipline of a life rooted in God. And for the church, worship is its heartbeat, and we’re translating that beat through the mains. But I know that obedience and servanthood is a battle, too… I think the best way I’ve avoided burnout is really diving into community, and the way I balanced the hard times is due in large part to the grace of other people when things went wrong, and the insanely fun times I had with my friends that I was constantly growing closer with, and also when there were massive wins. It’s hard to balance all that when lots of variables outside your control change the landscape of the venue despite being as prepared as possible, but I learned how to just have a great attitude about it – and you have the freaking BEST attitude and I want to be around you constantly!

Lastly, my greatest passion, in a weird way, is just the maximization process and making things excellent through efficiency. I love fine-tuning and finding ways to do something better, faster, easier, and there is a lot of that in both worship and audio. There’s always a way to make the next gathering better, there’s always a better process, and when I discover that, it brings me tons of joy.

Happy to talk more about this bro, and see if I answered your question! Hope you enjoyed hearing what I had to say and would love any feedback or comments. Maybe COFFEE?? I want to get to know you more!”


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