[Note: This is an e-mail that I had sent to the people I am about to go on tour with. We were asked to share something about ourselves, and this week was my turn. Below is the post].

Hello everyone, sorry for the late in the week post.

My name is Joseph, and it is a pleasure seeing and (eventually) meeting everyone whom I haven’t yet met. I’m from Hawaii and moved to California to live out various dreams, including music and teaching. When I’m not making or playing music, I’m designing and building custom chandeliers for the hospitality industry. But the one thing I want to share with you today is a word that’s only 0.5 inches in distance but immense in its length; it’s something we all have experienced the same amount of, but also something we have a completely different relationship with:


About one month before 2014 ended, I thought about what I had been through, the journey I had been on, and how it would inform and form 2015. I looked at all the risks I took in 2014, and how much life I had experienced through the uncertainty of choices I had made, with nothing but God’s promise telling me that no matter the outcome, He would be there. Where 2014 had been defined as my year of Risk, I knew that 2015 would have another driving thematic element to it that could only exist with Risk as the foundation: Movement.

I never knew what kind of “movement” I would experience this year, but so far, seven months in, it’s amazing how much movement can occur without actually going somewhere. That, there’s so much opportunity within one’s soul to move and transition — and it only makes sense to me now, in retrospect, that many of the things I needed to deal with initially were all internal – moving on from a toxic relationship, or moving on mentally from a place of depression and insecurity, to relying on all the experience gained from last year’s theme of Risk as a motivator to step out into a still unknowable, still uncertain future, however differentiated now with a courage and boldness to face it. This new outlook could have only be attained by living a life where the only way for me to survive was for God to follow through and show up — which He did, and right on time, which usually in my life is at the last second. And even though there’s the same number of unknowns, and nothing has changed in difficulty, and there are still so many uncertainties, there is an increase in my soul’s ability to trust that a life is available for me to live, with a passion that’s bigger than those worries.

I am so grateful that in these coming weeks we will be embarking on an amazing mission to tell a game-changing narrative with the raw materials we already have in our possession – our stories. I love that we don’t have to be anything but ourselves to make a change in someone’s life. And I love that our maximum impact and influence comes from that authenticity, and nothing else. It’s amazing to me that being a part of this greater purpose coincides perfectly with the theme driving my year, and that I finally get to externalize it, physically moving in a manner that’s congruent to the internal shiftings that have been shaping the kind of person I have always wanted to become. My life has never been about what I want to make — it has always been dedicated to who I want to become.

One last thought to share – reframing how I view “time” has become such an important aspect of my journey this year, and I am constantly being made more aware of its value — from Mondays to Fridays I have grown immensely conscious of how I spend the 40 hours I have dedicated to my job, the 40 hours I set aside for sleep, and the 40 I have remaining to spend on developing myself and my other passions and stewarding that well. For me, doing the quick math, I am honored and so immensely grateful for the upcoming opportunity to spend about 1,000 hours (24hrs * 7days * 6wks) with all of you on this tour! If we broke that out as if we saw each other 8 hours a day like we would at a normal 9-5 job, we would be spending the equivalent of 6 months together (1008hrs / 40hrs a week / 4weeks a month). That’s a lot of time, and it will be an adventure worth every second.

Looking forward to making every moment count with you all,


Share Your Story Tour | Fall 2015

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03 OCT     |    New York City, NY   |    Buy Tickets

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