love again.

you are a good person. you can love again. you are loved. your hurt is known. who you are is lovely, and worthy of love. you are not alone. you are good. don’t believe the lie that says you are less than what God says you are. all you wanted to do was love, and that’s exactly what you did. you did not fail because you weren’t loved back, you succeeded because you loved to the fullest measure that you could. you made good choices. you chose love over yourself. you chose kindness over bitterness. you chose to see the good and did your best to deflect a mindset that robbed you of love. those tears you cry may come from a well of sadness, but you are a good person. you loved. you were in love. it was beautiful. and you can love again.

choose kindness, choose prayer, choose love… and keep choosing God.


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