Drawing Deeper – 15: Sing

Drawing Deeper” is a series I have been writing which candidly details the progression, triumphs, and (very hard) lessons I have been learning as I draw deeper into a more personal, more intimate relationship-based walk with God. It is meant to provide inspiration, encouragement, and accountability to both myself and to whoever finds these helpful. Below is the fifteenth entry in the series. God bless you, and thank you for reading!


“But I will sing of Your power;
Yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning;
For You have been my defense and refuge in the day of my trouble.
o You, O my Strength, I will sing praises;
For God is my defense, my God of mercy.”
(Psalm 59:15-17)

Lately God has been asking me to sing to Him… not in the sense of singing worship songs that I know, but to actually talk to Him through song.

Especially when I’m hurting.

When it feels like no one is there, and I’m going through a lot, God simply tells me to sing about how I feel and what I’m going through. Then to sing of His truth.

And so I do. Despite me feeling weird at first, it becomes the most comforting experience.

I sing unto Him. Through my depression, my loneliness, my hurt.

And He listens to me, transforms my heart, and cues the wellspring in my soul to come out through my eyes and heal me.

He uses the most insecure aspect of me — my singing voice — and turns that weakness into a perfecter of faith that declares His sovereignty over my life.

There are times, folks, where we have no one else to turn to but God. Sometimes he distances those close to us to illustrate that very purpose. It is a reminder done out of love, because He wants us to learn to talk to Him, to rely on Him… trust in Him. We need to lay hands on ourselves, encourage ourselves, and pray over our own lives, because sometimes no one is around to do it for us.

I’ve always wanted to sing better, anyway. And I do have a lot that I am going through. Perhaps the act of singing to Him is how God intends to answer my prayer? Well, I wouldn’t put it past Him.

The Lord is my strength and song,
And He has become my salvation.”
(Psalm 118:13)

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