The Dream.

Since middle school/high school, I’ve had this recurring dream:

The scene occurs at dawn, when the morning sunlight pours into a white bedroom, illuminating the entire area with a golden yellow hue. In bed is me and a woman who’s face is, for lack of better descriptive terms, blank. She is a template, if you will. Two children burst through our bedroom door and crawl underneath the blankets, popping up between us, and our family shares an embrace.

Cue the “awwwww.” If you’ve seen the ending scene to the movie, “Sex and Death 101,”  it’s pretty much the exact scenario in my dream.

It’s a pretty generic one with common thematic elements, sure.. but it’s vivid and important to me nonetheless. Seldom do I have this dream when I am in a relationship with someone, but when I do it is usually a girlfriend or love interest that is the woman in bed with me (presumably my wife).

On the evening of Thursday, January 27th, 2011, I had this dream again. She was without a face, but she had dark hair (she is usually blonde in past archetypes). That’s as far as I’ll go in terms of detail. However, for the first time ever the dream continued into a night scene, where I was alone on a pier overlooking a lake just after sundown. The sky was a dark blue, but the color was almost like sapphire. And I saw stars. Millions and millions of stars. It was as if I could see every single star in existence, and it glittered the sky with a distinct and crisp intensity. I saw faint white shooting stars in the distance, and they were occurring only in one tiny area, but the amount of detail I could see was so vivid and clear. (I have recently reawakened my affinity for stargazing. It is a redemptive and intimate experience.)

But in the losing of myself in the wonderment of the night sky, I failed to realize that somebody was with me on this pier. It was a woman. But before I could focus on her face, the sky suddenly turned black (like a normal sky) and I lost all the light available to me.

What this all means, I have no clue. But I loved it. I love that dream. It makes me excited to go back to sleep the next night. Which works out perfectly because I need better sleeping habits.


  1. Dreams have much meaning. Good post. I am a firm believer in “never giving up on your dreams” I too have many dreams that were so real, and I would try to go back to sleep,hoping the dream would continue.

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