The word is very undervalued, I feel. It shouldn’t be. It’s a beautiful thing to call someone friend. And recently, I’ve come to respect its significance. Actually, I think it has more value than “dear” or “darling” or even “bro” or “sis” or “homie.”

To me, anyway.

I am.. unbelievably blessed. And immeasurably thankful for the people I can call friends in my life. I believe it to be the highest term of endearment for a platonic relationship. Plus, not many people say, “hello, friend” to each other.. and in a world where it is rarely used to address others, there’s a novelty factor in it too.

My friends mean the world to me. And I’m going to do better at letting them know it.

Most importantly, I am a friend of God. And He calls me friend.


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