I was speaking to a friend tonight.. he told me that he’s been getting so much out of my blogs, particularly my Drawing Deeper series. He spoke very kind words about how it made him cry, and really start trying to get his relationship with God stronger, how this should be more public, and that more people should be reading it… and it felt really good to get that kind of feedback.

Now, let it be known that I don’t look for any recognition when I write these things. They’re mainly for me anyway. It’s how I process what God is doing in my life. But like anybody who produces work they are proud of, there is a subtle dream that exists in my heart that hopes that people will read what I have to say. That’s normal to wish, right? I don’t know… a love language of mine is Verbal Affirmation, so maybe that’s why I’m particularly touched when people take the time to just tell me that I’m important. That I am understood. That my work matters to them, no matter how small the impact.

I think… everybody needs to feel that every once in awhile.

Thank you, dear reader.. you are a true encouragement. God bless you, brother!

[Shameless plug: You can read my Drawing Deeper series here]

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