It’s back..

..that prompting… again.

From six months ago: “Delete them.”

Is it finally time? Why me?? Why not… you know..? Aren’t there things being kept from an even longer time ago? Weren’t those things NOT burned? Why is that allowed but mine isn’t?

I… I can’t do it.

How can I be sure that this is even you, God?

How… can I be sure?

I don’t know what to do… I need to talk about this first..

It’s too important to me… is that why? Am I dwelling again? Are you seeing if I can let go of it? I haven’t looked at them ever since I promised you I wouldn’t.

And what was with that resistance last time I tried? Was that not from you? Why the devotions from Romans 2 and 4? The whole Abraham and Isaac thing.. are you trying to do it again? Why??

………………….. sigh. I’m more confused than ever. I just.. need to talk it out… with my best friend.. someday.

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