Drawing Deeper – 2: What Should I Read?

The second entry in my journey towards a deeper relationship with God:

Part of being intimate with God is being able to talk to him as you would any other close friend. Ask him questions. Often we come to God with the biggies: God, what is my life’s purpose? God, who do you want me to marry? God, what degree should I pursue? God, where should I live after college?

God loves it when we ask those questions. We worry about those things, and would love to have God’s input. But drawing deeper to God means also coming to him with the small questions too. Stuff like: God, what should I wear today? God, should I go for a run or should I fix that wobbly chair? God, what should I eat for dinner tonight?

If you are able to listen to and submit to God’s input over small areas of your life such as these, then truly you are living a life wholly and pleasing to God. As I mentioned earlier, he absolutely loves to be included in these little decisions. He wishes for you to treat your relationship with Him the same you would with your best friend you see everyday.. and then some. It is part of allowing God to go on ahead of you, trusting in the direction he wants to take you (John 10:1-4).

On Thursday, July 1st, on my way back to California, I continued to read Walking with God on the plane. I read the following passage:

Letting your Shepherd lead you in your reading allows him to take you right to a passage that you may not have thought of yourself […] but is the very word you need. In this way I have received many warnings, endless counsel, immeasurable comfort, and the incomparable intimacy of God speaking directly to me through his Word. (p.44)

It’s so simple, I couldn’t believe I never thought to ask this before. So I paused after reading that, closed my eyes, and I asked God: Lord, what would you like me to read today?

And BAM! Right before I even had a chance to finish even thinking that question, in plain sight I saw in my mind, John 16:27.

I was blown away! There I was, literally seeing John 16:27 inside my brain as a bright text floating in the darkness of my closed eyelids. I was still a little unsure of what to make of it, thinking that it is some randomly produced figment of my imagination, but I chose to go with it, grabbing my miniature bible from my bag, getting excited and thinking of how profound this scripture is going to be.

I turn to it, and the scripture says, “No, the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.”

……… errrr, what now? That’s a cool scripture and all, and I believe it, but God, what did that have to do with anything?

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