joe arms raisedlately i’ve found myself picking up this weird habit of raising my arms straight up high in the air with fists clenched as if i’ve won some sort of battle; i pace around the living room when everybody else is asleep and do this odd little eccentricity late at night on my way to bed. i would feel totally ridiculous if somebody were to see me, but in the quiet solitude of nighttime my insanity feels no judgment.

strangely enough, this act is immensely empowering, and i feel like i actually have emerged triumphant over the invisible conflicts and struggles i face during the day. it is a reminder to me that i am strong, that i have worth, that i have the right to be proud of myself, and i can go to sleep knowing that i gave today my best. if i learned something new, if i gave someone love, if i made someone’s day, if i improved even one small aspect of my life.. then i won, and i deserve to raise my arms up in victory.

my summer here on this island is quickly wrapping up. i had an amazing time, and getting a chance to be a part of the lives of those i love once more has given me immense strength and encouragement, which i needed more than anyone would ever know.

to tell you the truth, i’m not the one raising these arms of mine.. you are.

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