opening the forbidden music box – best decision ever

it’s so surreal how fitting the website’s moniker really is: pandora. it really does open up the doors to no end, and i’ve been taking full advantage of it this summer. plus i can stream music from my iPhone (even over EDGE!), which is awesome.. since i don’t download music anymore i can save precious gigabytes and hours of time previously spent on illegally acquiring these gems. as a result, i’ve gotten back in touch with my old influences and starrted being exposed to other artists i would’ve never known otherwise. plus i got a lot of my brother’s hip-hop music. schwing!

this summer i decided to enter into a funk and hip-hop phase, and i really want to let the genres seep into my creativity and songwriting. here’s generally who i’ve been listening to this summer:

KC & the Sunshine Band
Tower of Power
The Roots
Method Man
Mos Def
Al Green
The White Stripes
Nate James
Curtis Mayfield

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