looking up, moving forward.

i received this link in an email from Scott McKay, of X&Y communications, containing a talk with Jim Dalton and his girlfriend Heidi. there’s a lot of points i found interesting in the interview, and it has further encouraged me to continue working on myself, being a man, and to really develop healthier habits in my dating life in particular, which has been going very well as a result of this mindset.

the greatest power a person has is to choose. it has the ability to override feelings, which could lead you to places with disastrous results, and when well utilized, can keep you living a passionate and directed life. there’s so much i want in life, and i can’t let those slump days weigh me down anymore. i can and i will go out there, get what i want, and deserve what i want. i realize that can only come from being an authentic person, being open, dreaming big, and living your passions. while i used the area of relationships and the field of dating as this example, it’s really just one aspect of one’s world that can be influenced for improvement, and truthfully it’s really not a huge priority in my life currently. i want to be a better musician, so while previously it was only a desire, i’m taking more proactive steps, banging and strumming away on all my instruments with the intent to improve. i’m fostering the ability to be grateful, and i’m training my brain to keep focusing on my blessings. i’m praying more sincerely and thanking God more often. by working with my dad and helping his business this summer, i’m investing in my future by gaining all the management and people skills necessary to start up my own music school, which has been my dream for some years now, since my teaching time at MusicWorks has brought me the most joy and the most rewarding experiences of my life. i’m using my break here this summer as a chance to work on myself. and boy do i have lots to work on.

if you’re reading this, please understand that i’m not trying to gloat or be boastful in any way, nor am i trying to put myself on any pedestal whatsoever (i put a disclaimer, after all). i’m writing this for my sake, and i’m doing it because i’m the one who needs to hear this the most, to get myself out of this apathy towards my direction, to dig my way out of this slump. initially i didn’t intend to publish this, but since people have read my other notes, i figure i should let you know how i’m doing now. if you’ve read my previous entries, it’s already been made apparent that i’m struggling. but my roommate made it clear to me last semester that while it is a good start to identify the problems, it’s not enough; there’s needs to be self-initiated action focused on solving them. that’s what this note is for. it is encouraging me, it’s actually doing something to help, and it’s starting me up on the right track.

thank you for reading. seriously, clichés aside, if you aren’t happy with the way things are going, convince yourself that you deserve better.. because you do. you have the power to improve your life and bring back passion in every area of it, and while the decision to keep striving can be difficult to maintain, it won’t be so bad if you keep focusing on the bigger picture and reminding yourself that it is worth fighting for. you are worth fighting for. and you are blessed.

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