differences aside…,

I’d have to say that things have been pretty interesting this semester so far.. a lot of things have happened — some good, some necessarily not so — however, i’ve always been an advocate of lesson-learning through anything.. obviously sometimes finding it is harder than others.

the fact that i’ve started writing again (and trying to keep it a regular habit) means that something i consider pretty important to be going on in my life. it is up to you to figure out if that “pretty important something” is a person, an experience, a revelation of gratitude, or whatever the hell it is i feel like writing about. granted these ramblings stem for my benefit, but i choose to make things like these public for my friends to read.

be forewarned that there is no clear direction in this note, and if you’ve read previous notes of mine, you’d notice that having no subject to actually speak about is atypical. you’d think that perhaps this blog is slightly uncharacteristic of a usual joseph pecson post. and maybe that’s just it — maybe i don’t want it to be the same. maybe i want this particular entry to be different. maybe different is good.

i think different IS good. there’s no shame in it, so long as that difference involves the totality of a person’s uniqueness. meaning, a person should be different from everybody else solely by the nature of being an individual. trying to be different forces schizophrenia on a person’s psyche, and that’s not cool.

i guess i’ve learned a lot about myself because i’m around very different kinds of people. and i love them all, they’re great. everyone has their own little things, and it’s so cool to just watch how we all interact with each other, how we bring something to the table, and still we grow close as friends despite these things. respect for one another is fostered, understanding is tempered and cultured, and jokes are just plain funny.

this will be a very interesting season in my life for a lot of reasons, and i just love how i choose to put myself in them.

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