Who says you won’t go unnoticed?

it’s a belief of mine that we are a creation, made by a creator, who has created us for a reason — a “purpose,” if you will. from this standpoint, it would make sense that our purposes are different, and at some point in our lives, there are moments that we are supposed to seize in order to impact others in a multitude of ways.

i watched Evan Almighty again recently, and in the movie, Evan was supposed to build an ark the old-fashioned, old-testament way in surrounding modern times. he followed through with it, and because he accomplished his purpose, lives were changed and perspectives altered.

granted, it’s just a movie, but i believe that some of us do have radical, culture-shifting destinies to fulfill. but it makes me wonder about those whose purposes in life don’t seem that great, or that big. after all, there are tons of people in this world, and with so little time, it would just be utter chaos if we were all called to do something drastic. frankly, i think this world would suck if each one of us were supposed to do something big.

but who said that our purposes need to be culture-shocking, vastly opposed, or death-defying to make a difference? no one did, actually. but we look at the martin luther king’s, the abraham lincoln’s, the mother teresa’s, the 9/11 firefighter’s.. and inside, maybe subconsciously, we lead ourselves into thinking that our calling needs to be of equal gravity, of equal impact. so for some of us, we live our lives, in the back of our minds, thinking that if the path we’re walking on doesn’t attract media attention, then we’re not fulfilling our purpose.


truth is, there’s a good chance you might not make it as a famous singer, actor, or producer. i’m not saying to stop chasing those dreams if they’re in your heart; by all means, go for it. but many times, while we travel down the path leading there, we are often taken and led to the right direction we’re supposed to be going. for example, lets say you go to new york to make it as an artist, who, through music, would revolutionize society with songs of loving life and helping others. but instead, you end up as a taxi driver taking somebody to a gig they’re running late to. and so the musician, thanks to you, gets there in time and does his thing, and tugs on the heartstrings of a husband who’s secretly meeting his secretary at the gig, and, thanks to the musician, realizes how much he loves his wife and family and comes home to them, never again to falter from faithfulness. and so, the son, seeing the change in his dad, is now blessed with a wholesome family, and looks up to his father throughout his adolescence as a beacon of moral integrity, and, because of his upbringing, passes on the legacy through his children, creating future generations of genuine, caring individuals who change society just by loving, accepting, and befriending… which was your dream goal in the first place.

the way i see it, the people who were only destined to just drive a taxi have it easier.. after all, they’ll receive the same reward as those whose purposes were so much harder to fulfill. and that’s why it’s so important to remain humble.. so we don’t get jealous of those people, and so we don’t become dissatisfied with our lives when we see others “living the dream.” because who’s to say we aren’t living ours? aren’t we, by living out our purpose, helping others live out theirs?

whether we are called to do something huge, or to do something small, neither goes unnoticed by the one who matters the most. someone will always be watching the things you do, and they will be influenced by it. of course it would be cool to be noticed by the world when you arrive at your destiny, but if you have the same belief as mine, then sometimes we have to remember that we’re not here to please the world, nor should it even be of our concern to wonder if the world notices what we’re doing at all. because really — only one person is watching. and fortunately, it also just so happens that He is the only person we need to please.

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