il fattore di ics

i guess i’m one of those people who like to defy the odds, who likes to prove people wrong, only to find out that they were the ones i should’ve listened to from the beginning.. because they were right.. the odds were against me… and they won.

sure it’s a bummer, but there is a lesson in everything i guess.. recently i went through one of the most unique and emotional experiences of my life.. and its outcome was what i thought would be a great and possibly endearing friendship.. unfortunately, things just happened to fall through chips in the asphalt made by uncertainty, bad timing, distance, and different lives.. and the best thing to do is to fill in the cracks, to seal in place what fell through, and to walk again on stable ground..

it’s strangely funny to think back and see how i confident i was, how stupidly nervous i became, the things i did, the way i felt, the music i made, the advice i sought, the things i found out — an entire roller coaster built from the ground-up and torn from the top-down — all in less than a week.

it’s been a long while since i’ve gone through something similar.. but i’m glad it’s not the same.. it was a nice wake up call, a nice reality check.. what’s funny is that i kinda almost wished this to happen by thinking my life was boring and drama-free..

words were exchanged, hugs were embraced, and feelings once mutual have dissolved and passed through our system.. but maybe a new cycle can continue again, and, without intention, be eagerly revisited — though that possibility is indeed a longshot…

..then again, i guess i’m one of those people who like to defy the odds.. but we separate from here.

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